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History of the Indian Motocycle Club of Australia Inc

The inaugural meeting of The Indian Motocycle Club of Australia Inc. was held on May 19th 1994.

The Club was formed by a diverse group of about a dozen people in Melbourne who knew one another through their interest in Indians, and regularly rode together, usually with the Vintage Motorcycle Club of Victoria or, increasingly, with each other, and imagined themselves as the “Indian Motorcycle Club”

It was decided to formalise “The Club”, not just because of the interests of the riders, but also to honour the memory of the members of the original Indian Club, which was active from the teens through to the 1930s and then died out.

Sixteen people became the foundation members.

The club was duly incorporated and the constitution adopted was ”The Model Rules” as set out by Victorian law.

The foundation members wanted to keep things simple and fun, without too much formality, and it was resolved to meet only four times a year rather than monthly, to ease the burden on the committee members, and make the whole enterprise fun to be involved with rather than a burden.

The Clubs’ aims are to provide an environment for the enjoyment and preservation of Indian Motocycles manufactured by the Indian Motorcycle Company of Springfield Massachusetts, USA up to 1953.

The Club holds many events, ranging from short day runs, weekend rallies, interstate rides of up to three weeks duration through to lengthy international tours, the greatest being the Tour of UK and Europe in 2008 when 20 machines where shipped half way around the world.

It now has active chapters in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, each holding their own events and participating in joint interstate and international events.

It disseminates a quarterly news letter.

Membership has steadily grown and now sits at over 200 - far in excess of what the founders anticipated.

The Club has many events planned that will continue to highlight Indian Motocycles and enable like minded people to enjoy riding their Indians together, as the manufacturers intended