Club Captains Report - Feb 21

Created on Wednesday, 24 March 2021 17:32

It has been said that my aptitude for good writing is matched only by my wet wether riding skills, we will see, I look forward to your comments!

The breakfast run this year has had a great turn out despite the inclement weather conditions, it was great to see members travel from far and wide to participate in this great event, big thanks to Daniel, a great run.

The Rubicon Rally proved to be a great fun filled weekend and as in previous years proved to be one of my personal favourites. I have always said, in the Eildon/Jamieson run - you start as an apprentice and finish as a tradesman, on those never ending windies! A Big Thankyou to all the girls in the kitchen and everyone who chipped in with all the work. Mai-lei and Maurice deserve a special thank you for organising this awesome event.

There are quite a few new rides and runs on the calendar, please make sure you book up in time and contact the relevant run organiser or contact me for further details. The next runs are on the 21st Feb, one up at Wodonga with Maurice, the other with Conor.

The Cherokee Rally is on 6th, 7th, 8th March, this will be based in Castlemaine and surrounding areas, there are still some rooms available, hopefully we can book the motel out!

With any luck, we will be Covid-free from now on and we can all enjoy future rides without restrictions. As always, the more people that turn up the more fun we will have!

Remember, never ride faster than you guardian angel can fly.

Alan Fagan