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Breakfast Run January 2018

As the alarm went off at 5.30am on a Sunday morning it was time to get out of bed and attend the first club run of the year.

Trying not to wake the neighbors I pushed the Chief all the way to the top of my driveway.  Fuel on and choke down, two prime kicks to get some fuel into it.  Lift up the choke, ignition on and one big kick and the 80" chief fired first kick.

It was straight into gear and off down the road as quiet as can be.  The temperature was quite nice as it was a balmy morning.  On the way I stopped for fuel so the tanks were full for the mornings ride.

When I arrived at Lilydale Station bikes had started to line up.  We waited around for about 40 minutes for any other arrivals as numbers were slighly down on previous years.  Although it was still a reasonable amount of bikes.

We rounded all the riders up and gave some riding instructions and then fired up the bikes.  We left Lilydate and headed up the Maroondah Highway towards Coldstream.  We turned right up Killara Road towards Gruyere.  This is a really nice road to ride on and some nice big propertys to look at.

We then turned on to the Warburton Highway heading to Seville.  From there we turned right and headed through Wandin East and headed around the back to the Silvan Reservoir.

We pulled in through the gates which had been opened by Lindsay and Trevor James who had arrived earlier in the morning.  They had the urn boiling and the fire BBQ going as the gas one was out of order.  A nice hot coffee went down well with the bacon and eggs.

We all sat around for an hour or so chatting and then it was time to head home.  Its always a popular run and you're home by lunch time and still have the remainder of the day

Daniel McAliece