Presidential Ponderings - Aug 2016

Created on Friday, 16 September 2016 17:36

I will start by thanking Conor for his excellent work as Club President for the last three years, it is in great shape with 260 members Australia wide.  We have a very dedicated committee and a varied calendar of events over the next 12 months to satisfy all types of riders.

I believe one of the attractions of the IMCA is that we encourage all aspects of the hobby, from restoration, touring events, day trips and competition.  The Events Committee will also be planning another Tech Session in the coming year, it is important that the knowledge that our older members have is passed on to enable our Indians to continue running strongly into the future.

We are fortunate that we have younger members coming into our club and also being involved at committee level, and we have a first with Bianca being our first female Club Captain.  By encouraging our younger and all new members to become involved we ensure that our club and the Indian motocycles that we own will survive and grow as time goes on.

Enough philosopy from me.  Now on to important stuff.

The Krusty Rally is being run by the IMCA NSW Branch at Port Stephens on Cup weekend.  The word from Jason Elliot who is running the event is that everthing is on track for a great weekend.  Here is one of those opportunities to bring out the older bikes and give them an airing.  Accommodation is still available so make your booking and don't forget to let Jason know that you have booked, entry forms are out now.

Finally on the competition front at the recent Winton Historic Weekend, there were a total of twenty "C" class Indians and Harleys competing in the Handshift Series, all out on the track doing what the makers intended, sounded awesome.  Final round is in November at Broadford, don't miss it.

Regards Rob