About the IMCA

About Us and our events

EveGypsy Tour 2008n though the IMCA has been running since 1994, this site has been created to keep informed people dedicated to these history-making machines.

Membership is not essential to access any information on this site as we are here to support history carry on. To be kept up to date on a regular basis however, becoming a member would be encouraged. Join now.

Owning an Indian is not essential to join the IMCA, as we invite people to attend runs, events and meetings to learn and to "network" so when the time is right, you are fully aware of what type of Indian suits your needs.

During the year the IMCA has many day rides, weekend rallies and functions as we aspire to create events that cater to all, including families.International Rally, Tumut 2011

Our large scale events have also become a favorite, where not only does every state in Australia get represented, but overseas visitors as well.

Some examples of what the IMCA has done as a club include:

International Rally 2009"The Australian International Rally" held every 2 years, and in 2009, 65 Indians and 110 people entered

The most recent "Tassi Tour" for 2011 saw 40 Indians and 60 people attend2011 Tassi Tour

"The Gypsy Tour" 2008 Melbourne to Sydney - 65 people attended with 41 Indians

"Krusty Rally" - this event had to be changed recently due to outgrowing the town this event originated in. This rally is a must as it caters for the pre-1935 Indians.

"Bright Rally" - always a favourite relaxing event

Tumut Rally



Krusty Rally 2008