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Class C was introduced in the USA in 1937, with the purpose of the class to have a closer racing between the heavier, larger displacement 750cc side valve hand shift, 3 speed, foot clutch, Indians and Harleys, and the 4 speed OHV 500cc fast and agile English machines, that began penetrating the USA marketplace and race tracks.
Class C is for production based, over the counter motorcycles, available for sale from the respective manufacturers, up to and including the 1951 model year. It does not include 1952 model year machines that were built in 1951.
In the 1990’s, CClick to view our racing gallerylass C was introduced to Australia, with it’s main growth being over the past few years, as the Indian’s joined the ranks.
The rules adopted by Australia, replicate the AHRMA rules from the USA. This allows global competition when the opportunities present themselves.

Class C racing is the only vintage, pre-war class that is capacity limited. Machines racing in the series are mostly stock which keeps the cost down, competition close and enjoyment to the maximum. For Australia, deviation has been allowed from the AHRMA rules, to include the more readily available 741 Military Scout.


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Club Racing

Many IMCA club members race throughout the year on different tracks, including Winton, Broadford, Phillip Island and Eastern Creek. Various bikes are raced including 741’s, Sport Scouts and 8 Valve racers. There is keen competition and sportsmanship between club members, Harley racers and friends.
For information contact Mick Chegwidden on 0401 81 9609.